USMLE Step 2 CS Prep Brings FREE Links for "Clinical Skills Videos""Allied Health care Clinical Skills Videos" and "Symptom Checkers" when properly utilized will make Medical and Health care Safer and More Cost Effective in the time of "Global Economic Crisis" and growing disconnect between Health care Providers and Patients due to our increasing reliance on technology in diagnosing and treating patients and the diminishing and declining utilization of Clinical Skills.

“To teach is to touch a life forever”. Keeping this in mind, I believe that every Medical Educator must be highly motivated, must be knowledgeable, skilled and a thorough professional who must strive for perfection.

Please Join USMLE Step 2 CS today for FREE! to Learn and to Teach and Improve Global Health and Medical Education through your contribution today.

 "It's Never Too Late to improve and nobody is perfect and Health care needs Major Changes NOW!" Let’s Start This Change by Joining USMLE Step 2 CS and Sharing our Wealth of knowledge.

USMLE Step 2 CS Prep presents Free Video Links and Reading material to Learn, Review, Update and Master Clinical Skills for Medical and Nursing Students, Residents, Physicians and Surgeons, PAs, RNs, CRNPs, Physical Therapists and anyone interested in learning the art and science of History and Physical and Bedside Mannerisms and Communication skills.

These links are very valuable resources for the USMLE Step 2CS (clinical Skills) Exam for AMGs and IMGs. These are also very useful for MRCP Clinical Skills Exam.

Please click on each of the link below to start lerning now.


University of California, San Diego: A Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine (Lots of Detailed Reading Material on History and Physical Examination, Extremely Useful before Watching the Videos below)


WebMac Primary Care Portal Clinical Skills (Very useful Links for Primary Care Physicians - Does have a lot of Handouts and Some Essential Videos)


Bedside Procedures (Very Thorough and Detailed Videos for learning how to  perform ABG, IV, Catheter insertion, 12 Lead ECG, Injections, Lumbar Puncture, Basic Airway Oxygen Delivery, Basic Airway Bag Valve Mask, Suture, Venipuncture, Donning Sterile Gloves, Nasogastric Intubation - Strictly for personal use)


Geisel School of Medicine at DARTMOUTH - On Doctoring - Year 1 Resources (Very useful to the point Basic Physical Exam Videos)


Geisel School of Medicine at DARTMOUTH - On Doctoring - Year 2 Resources (Very useful to the point Advanced Physical Exams)


University of Virginia School of Medicine History Taking and Physical Exam Modules (Also has a detailed reading material besides the videos)


The University of Florida College of Medicine's Online Physical Exam Teaching Assistant (OPETA) (some reading Material along with videos)


LearnersTV Physical Examination Video Series by Loyola University (Very detailed and thorough videos - very useful videos about Case Presentation Skills - very important for medical students, Interns and Residents - also pointers to keep in mind for the teaching faculty!) 


The Connecticut Tutorials Physical Examination Videos (Good videos with explanation: no written material)


St. George's University of London's Youtube Clinical Skills Channel (Videos only with some discussion: British Accent!)


Following links are for Heart and Breath Sounds


Heart Sounds and Cardiac Arrhythmias


McGill University's Virtual Stethoscope


Heart Sounds from UCLA (Auscultation Assistant) 


Breath Sounds from Loyola University


3M Littmann Stethoscope Education Heart and Lung Sounds


Thank you for updating your medical knowledge at USMLE Step 2 CS Prep. 

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